sketches - strokes - laughter- lacquer and leather

Design: ISA STEIN Studio,
execution: TEAM M Architects

The idea was to implement a concept that presents the insurance company as an innovative and at the same time traditional company. Since the existing building did not reflect a clear form, we covered the space with lines. The line theme is not only found on the ceilings and walls, but also reappears in different implementations in the bar and the podium. For the ceiling, the task was to develop a system that would fulfill the function of a cooling ceiling on the one hand and the acoustic requirements of an event hall on the other. By means of a mobile partition wall system, different room sizes and room zones can be created and flexibly adapted to the respective event requirements.

The stripe theme is also implemented in the bar area with catering zone. The red lines behind glass particularly emphasize the central element in the room. The red bar is the only color splash on the floor and also reflects the logo. Only in the WC area does the red logo color reappear in the area of the washbasin substructures and WC doors. The rest of the room’s color scheme is restrained.

In the active state of the small event hall, a picture by Manfred Hebenstreit becomes visible. When the room is switched on to the large hall, it deliberately disappears behind the mobile partition walls that have been pushed together.


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