Bibliothek V



swim - think - read - drink

Instead of swimming reading books is the new interpretation of the old indoor swimming pool in a family house. The indoor swimming pool is transferred into a library. In order to maintain the feeling of the still existing depth and to zone the space, but not to interrupt the visual axis into the green space, a seating trough is the central element in the library. This is used for reading, relaxing, listening to music and can be effortlessly transformed into a huge reclining area. The bookcase has slanted sides to make the spines of the books disappear into view.

A bar must not be missing either, this is laid out in the transition to the old library. It appears as a solitaire and is bent and beveled in itself. The color scheme of the library is kept dark and mystical and includes purely the color palette of dark brown leather, dark oak flooring, as well as gray-brown fixtures and dark spots in the light staging.


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