Dagmar - create – champagner

Under the working title BRIEFTAUBE we developed with Dagmar Grimus-Leitgeb, Elephants Jump (customer experience, brand experience), a premium mail desk for postal partners. The design idea was that the desk, as well as the necessary back wall are mirrored to dissolve, so to speak, in the room again.

The desk itself is modular and developed from an organic form. In this case, two workstations are represented. As a special feature, the desk relies on handicapped accessibility and a table top at the right height can be rotated out if necessary. The desk is also equipped with the technology for “hearing impaired”.

In the course of the implementation of the post desk, the music department of the Kuppitsch bookstore was also renewed and implemented in restrained beige to set the stage for the product.

Thus, this architectural intervention forms the direct environment, which is reflected in the mail desk with the customers.


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