Haus I am See



believe - look - listen to nature

Architecture: Architect DI Walter Höller
Design: ISA STEIN Studio

The structure takes up the movement of the street both inside and outside. Literally, we create a backbone of the house with the stone wall in the corridor to anchor the fictional speed of the surrounding.

The house is arranged on 2 levels. From the street, you come directly to the 1st floor. A stone staircase leads to the lower floor, which faces the lake and merges into the property level.

Inside the house, the spaces flow into each other to leave the definition of places open and create expansiveness; for example, the bathroom is not only bathroom but part of the bedroom, the kitchen is also living space. In each zoning, there is a highlight for the eye, in addition to the owner’s art collection. In the living room it is the open fireplace made of 2 concrete slabs, or the bedroom is defined by a special cabinet construction.

On the lower floor, the sauna is glazed with a view of the lake and the room is designed by a blackberry-colored wall.

The balcony is designed like a teak deck on the boat and connects both levels of the house from the lake.


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