Hotel am Domplatz



Joy - Experience - Music and Appreciation

In the artistic design of the hotel, on the theme of “integration”, Christoph Fürst and I chose the theme of “language”. “Language is the most important tool for communication.” This is also the phrase we translated into phonetic script in the airspace above all floors in different languages. The fonts are LED lights that dim differently. In the breakfast room we worked with “emoticons”, in the rooms with “Braille”. With the braille images, the viewer will not initially recognize the background of the braille. Only after a longer look and occupation, the Braille becomes visible, next to the formal work of the Plexiglas panels. Texts of Nobel Prize winners were translated. In the last work, we worked with sign language and translated the Declaration of Human Rights by Irene Kahn. In all works, the “normal” sighted and hearing person is “excluded”, but has the possibility to integrate himself.

Architect of the hotel: Hohensinn Architecture,


Weitere Projekte