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THE GABRIUM – a seminar hotel – is located in the middle of the monastery St. Gabriel of the Steyler Missionaries on the outskirts of Vienna in Maria Enzersdorf. Following the worldwide missionary activities of the order, the design concept was developed to show the diversity of different cultures and to exude the flair of continental and country-specific ways of life.

The hotel comprises 20 rooms and 3 suites on four floors. The ceiling design in the corridors to the hotel rooms is dedicated to a different continent on each floor. For this purpose, ISA STEIN STUDIO developed its own patterns, which are continued in the interior of the rooms.

  • In Africa, in addition to the typical pattern that decorates bedheads, mirrors and bedspreads, one can also expect special furniture selected with loving attention to detail.
  • In Europe, one is drawn into the world of fairy tales, provided one is inspired by the fairy tales in the Victor Graf von Stein collection.
  • South America exudes a very mystical but comforting character, not least because of the sun gods that protect the rooms in the form of wall tattoos.
  • Asia offers the visitor the possibility to travel to India, Syria or alternatively to China in the spirit. Especially a collection of old photos of Maharadjas could be brought from Jodhpur to Maria Enzersdorf.

In fact, in each of the differently designed rooms, one immerses oneself in a different culture, one embarks on a journey, as it were.


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