Ordination M



love it – enjoy it – be inspired

During the renovation of Ordination_M, great care was taken to preserve the aquarium. Everyone has a different relationship to swimming fish in enclosed spaces, but this aquarium grew on us. It is restaged, is also visible from a treatment room and waiting room – and from my own experience I can report, it is wonderful to be distracted by swimming fish at the dentist’s chair. We went for contrasts in the color scheme, moving predominantly to white and black tones. During the redesign, the main focus was on the visual relationships, work flow and spaciousness of the rooms. The waiting room is directly visible from the entrance and is newly staged next to the aquarium by an interactive LED wall with integrated screen.

The reception desk has been slightly rounded to make the most of the space available. Light white-grey lines can be seen on the desk, reminiscent of the structure of a tooth. In order to put “new and old” into a harmonious interplay, we exposed the original Carrara marble, which was partially covered with linoleum, and supplemented it with a pandomo floor. The clear interventions “desk – aquarium – LED wall” reinterpret the ordination.


Weitere Projekte