Penthouse K



wow - family – fun

In a multi-party building the two penthouse apartments are combined and realized as one large loft. The preparations for a possible separation into two tops were considered during the planning of the floor plan, so that it is possible to separate the tops again without much effort.

In the staging of the loft, the views of nature were enhanced and with deliberately placed mirrors in the interior, the exterior was duplicated inside.

The zoning of the loft is by activity – communal gathering in the kitchen, dining, living and billiards rooms overlooking the golf course on the terrace, as well as retreats for our builder and 3 children.

The retreat spaces were done in a minimalist fashion. The bathrooms, on the other hand, implanted as a deciduous green and light blue cube for the floor, wall and ceiling, as well as the interior.

Minimalism and tranquility, as well as generosity and playful living are the meta-theme of this implementation.


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