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At the entrance gate of the city of Wels a new mail distribution center is being built in only 4 months construction time. The task here is to create an architecturally striking point, as well as to combine the functionality of the hall behind it.

For this purpose, the post office, social and ancillary rooms will be located in front of the building and the hall behind it will be decoupled.

The display façade presents itself as a red curved structure, which stages itself with lightness. Building on the idea of interconnectivity, the microscheme (a circuit board built into electronic devices) was used as inspiration in the design. As a result, the portholes remained, placed in front of the facade by distances. The windows are mirrored to integrate the surroundings, as well as the passing cars. The hall behind is defused in its static structure by the red building and embraced, as it were.


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