Space K



Scandinavia meets Japan, refined by New York

The space_K is an examination of space itself. The premises that had to be redesigned are part of a children’s clinic built in 1912/1913, which was converted into a residential complex in 2003/2005. The building shows elements of the old German style as well as the German and Dutch Renaissance.

Our intention was to give the rooms back their original spaciousness, which is also supported by the high ceilings, and to achieve an almost loft-like overlap, while not foregoing contemporary amenities.

Our clients are globetrotters and bring in international lifestyle thoughts.

The new space_K is meant to combine Scandinavian austerity, New York loft atmosphere, and Japanese purism.

By reinterpreting the space with functional cubes, some partitions were removed. Kitchen on one side and storage room and toilet on the other, are united into a block standing in the room. The block is integrated into the space as a purist element and acts as a zoning of the areas. From the outside, it reveals the integrated functions only through flush inserts. A painted Scandinavian mud tone is used for the surface.

By opening and pulling the cube, new spatial structures are created. Areas can be separated or merged.


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