Steyr Motors



Sound - Speed – History

Architecture: Gierkinger and Partners
interior architecture and design: ISA STEIN Studio
graphic design: Mag. Christoph Aschaber

Our approach was to reflect the innovation of Steyr Motors in the design. The glass building had already been initialized by the architecture, and so we were able to incorporate the theme of transparency and views into our design. Guests pass through the glass entrance portal and their gaze is already guided to the reception desk. This presents itself with a dynamic sharp-edged form in white and is contrasted by the image of the world map in red.

The theme of the graphic design runs through the building and thus guides through the individual departments. In addition to the design spaces, “come-together” zones are added to the offices. The newly raised floor will house the IT department and management. The central zone in the management area is zoned with an oval grey felt body, which on the one hand forms a bench as a waiting area, and on the other hand, facing away from the visitor, accommodates the copy zone and checkroom. The new social space in the basement is implemented with a kitchen, seating areas for smaller meetings, as well as oblong tables (table d’ot principle). The design gives a new environment for an innovative company.


Weitere Projekte