Studio GU 25



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A versatile and flexible working situation was to be created within the rooms, which can offer space for the artistic working process as well as for architecture, allow meetings of artists, but also be a place of retreat, privacy and tranquility. The street-facing space is entered through a newly designed and transparent vestibule that intentionally allows views from the street into the workspace.

Office workstations are located here and artistic work can be done. The exchange with passing passers-by and their insights into the work process are desired. The existing parquet floor was preserved and completely renovated. The walls and also the ceilings are kept in white to give maximum space to the artwork.

The middle room received a modern kitchen island as a central communication element and becomes an art meeting point, but also art storage and exhibition area. The existing tiled floor was uncovered again and creates its own atmosphere. A free-standing stone tub, can be used for bathing, but also as a cooling tub for drinks at larger events. An overnight guest accommodation was also integrated into this area like an open 2-story box. The lower level houses a washing area and a toilet, and a ladder leads to the sleeping gallery. The rear space is for private use and provides a sleeping area and bathroom. In this area, you can wrap yourself up with the soft flowing curtains and enjoy your retreat.

In keeping with the flexible use of the rooms, light rails have been integrated below the ceiling to provide general lighting, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere via an indirect component, or to highlight individual pictures via the spotlights.


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