Stumpergasse 60



understand - understand - understand

design, submission: Hot Architektur
submission and execution: ISA STEIN ZT GmbH/NEW LABEL DESIGN

The concern of this project is to create a tension between the new unconventional roof extension, as well as the existing building. The 4 floors of the Stumpergasse will be renovated in order to make use of the beautiful and generous building fabric. The interaction of new and old creates an interesting tension. New spaces and spatial ideas emerge, such as atriums, duplex apartments, new bathroom situations and open floor plans.

The open spaces in particular were a central theme. On the one hand, the curtain wall terrace concept continues the new architectural language into the existing floors; on the other hand, it allows for an interplay of light and shadow. The architecture gives Stumpergasse 60 a new appearance towards the street. Here, sliding panels are used to darken the rooms behind, as well as allowing for an additional balconyette.

The new penthouse apartments are located in the entirely new part and literally float above the other floors. The exciting roof structure allows for a new interpretation of space on the inside with the best accessibility and the highest level of comfort.


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